Volcano VS. Palm Tree

Volcano VS. Palm Tree

Volcano VS. Palm Tree

35 minute solo juggling performance

This show is a party, celebrating juggling, energy, flowers, color, and doing something just because it´s fun. It includes different size ring multiplexing, high speed 3 club sequences, backflips, laundry folding, palm tree juggling, and a game where gravity is the judge and a yoga ball is the worthy opponent. The show Is 30% Barbie, 60% geometry, and 200% juggling.

Show type: Solo juggling performance
Length: 35 minutes
Performance space: Gym or theater

Space -This show can play on a stage or in a gym. The stage must be at least 8 meters wide and 7 meters deep with a ceiling height of 8 meters from the stage floor to the lowest hanging lights or ceiling beam.

Light - There must be 4 floor lights, one in each corner of the stage, strong enough to light all the air above the stage when pointed up and diagonally in towards the center of the space. There should also be a general wash of white light from overhead and front lights.

Sound - There must be a sound system sufficient for the audience size with a Direct Input box down stage left capable of taking input from RCA cables.

Technician -There must be a technician to help with the music for the show. They will have one sound cue to learn for the show.

Questions and booking: [email protected]